St. Cloud’s #1 Digital Forensics services


A growing trend in investigation and litigation support is “electronic discovery.” More information is retained on a computer than most people realize.


A scientific process that captures & analyzes information stored in any electronic format for the purposes of investigating allegations.

Law Support

We are committed to assisting law enforcement agencies with electronic evidence processing and examination for the central Minnesota area.

Information Security

CFS experts enhance the current security data generated by an organization and remotely watch for security anomalies that could require investigation.

Computer Forensics Unlimited

We are a company formed for the purpose of attaining the best results when going to court over a dispute.

Best results come from dedicated attention from the forensic consultant, working with the same person throughout the case, and facilitating an exceptional and error free turnaround from request to production.

CFU possesses all the forensic write blockers and server farms power to collect terrabytes of data, process and OCR the ESI, and make it available for legal review.

We at CFU are determined to make every contact a productive and successful expenditure of time.

Proper documentation and chain of custody alleviates the work load for the legal team and brings true value to hiring a professional experienced forensic examiner.

Adept at examining complicated metadata, encryption, password recovery, and manipulating load files in excel.

Forensics Services

  • Computer Forensic Investigations
  • Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations (Accessdata MPE and EnCase Mobile Acquisition)
  • Private Investigations
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Infidelity/Divorce Investigations
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Litigation Support
  • E-Discovery
  • Corporate Collections
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Predictive Coding
  • Word Clustering
  • Email Conversation threading and analysis of family threads.
  • De-Duplication of email and attachments via multiple methods
  • Load File Services
  • Forensic Consulting
  • Forensic Software Hosting, Preservation, and Storage
  • Object Character Recognition Services (*can support bulk content and fast turnaround!)
  • Accessdata Partner and Certified Examiner
  • GuidanceSoftware Partner and Certified Examiner